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Our Suppliers

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Twin Creek Ranch

Offering local, naturally grown and delicious blueberries! With a long ripening season, high light, and moderate temperatures, the flavor is unbeatable. These berries are grown without the use of chemical herbacides and pesticides. Twin Creek Ranch helps make our Blueberry Lemon Biscuits the best they can be!

Long Bottom Coffee

Longbottom Coffee sources the very best green beans available, working with trusted importers to ensure that this food is grown, processed, stored and transported with the utmost care. Using a hot-air roasting process and working by hand, they produce coffees that are evenly roasted at the appropriate temperatures and that faithfully represent the bean’s natural flavor.

Valley Flora Farms

Owned and operated by a mom and daughter collective on the banks of Floras Creek. This farm is committed to ecological and organic farming practices, and carries a passion to grow amazing food. They rely on crop diversity, compost, cover crops, and crop rotation to keep the farm healthy and thriving.

Our Commitment to Community

We want to reflect and thank our community for their continued support and love for what we do. It is our pleasure and joy to be able to serve you while also investing in our community. We believe keeping business local has a positive impact on the local area in many ways.




Grandpa Jack's Cranberry Syrup

For over 20 years, Dennis Bowman has produced an unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate (each 16-ounce bottle is made from 7 pounds of cranberries). In 2014 he introduced this syrup – a pre-sweetened product you can pour over ice cream or pancakes, or use as a marinade. Produced by Bowman Bogs in Bandon, by farmer Dennis Bowman

High Country Honey

Working closely with a local bee-keeper, they provide 100% fresh honey. Stored in 640lb barrels and filtered to perfection. This honey is never heated over 120 degrees, giving you all the health benefits of pure raw honey. They are passionate about crafting amazing and delicious honey.

A Bite of Bandon

Winners of "Best Sweet" award 3 years in a row!

the owners winning the 2017 bite of bandon "best sweet" award


the owners winning bite of bandon "best sweet" award in 2018




The Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail is a collaborative effort to connect locals and visitors to the bounty available on Oregon’s South Coast.